Strategic Relationships

Ad Astra Rocket Company

Ad Astra Rocket Company (AARC) is a rocket propulsion company dedicated to the development of advanced plasma rocket propulsion technology. The company is developing the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR®) and its associated technologies. VASIMR is an electromagnetic thruster for spacecraft propulsion and represents the future of translunar and interplanetary transportation. MEI Technologies entered into a strategic agreement with Ad Astra in late 2009. Currently, MEI Technologies is providing engineering support on the VASIMR engine.

AM Biotechnologies, LLC

AM Biotechnologies offers proprietary technologies and customer-responsive research support to the biotech market. The company has international rights to thiophosphoramidite reagent production and bead-based phosphordithioate aptamer (thioaptamer) discovery and production. Thioaptamers are short strands of laboratory-modified DNA or RNA that can be used in many of the same applications as antibodies (research, diagnostics and therapeutics) while offering unique advantages.

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