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Getting our customers’ payloads to space is what we’ve been doing since 1992. In fact, the company's first prime contract win was with the U.S. Air Force performing space access, integrating DoD experiments on the shuttle. We are proud to still hold that work today, now known as the Department of Defense (DoD) Human Exploration Payloads Contract (DHEP) contract.

MEIT oversees system engineering, integration and development of ground and flight hardware in support of Department of Defense payloads carried on NASA, international partner and commercial space transportation vehicles.

Whether a primary, secondary or hosted payload, we can get you to space.
MEIT has comprehensive human spaceflight space access experience, along with in-depth knowledge of NASA, international partner and commercial launch system requirements, processes and vehicle integration.

In fact, we have integrated more than 300 payloads on the Space Shuttle, and on domestic and international launch systems. We are known for successful advocacy of the principal investigator's needs while facilitating payload development and operation.

getting access

Service capabilities

  • Identification of launch options and negotiating launch agreement – we have relationships in place with key launch providers and sources of rideshare and hosting opportunities to get to the ISS

  • Payload development and engineering assistance – we work with project leaders and principal investigators to help optimize payloads for most efficient operation and maximum scientific return

  • Space Access with launch vehicle or host – we are experienced with all physical and functional interface requirements

  • Guidance and support to principal investigator throughout the development, launch, and on-orbit operations process – we understand that PIs are generally new to the spaceflight process and have extensive experience helping them to navigate procedures, paperwork, and other requirements

  • Payload operations support and data distribution – we can continue supporting the payload and project throughout the operations and retrieval phases

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