Applied Research ReGarding Operationally Novel and Unique Technologies Contract

Services provided:

The U.S. Air Force uses wargame simulation exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of enhancements to its weapon systems and procedures against comparable enemy forces. Under this contract, MEIT supports AFRL’s Directed Energy Directorate (AFRL/RD). We develop and execute a continuing series of Advanced Concept Event (ACE) wargames specifically devoted to next-generation capabilities, with the focus on directed energy (laser weapons). ACE operates as a distributed event, with system simulators playing interactively from any location on the globe. MEIT has helped incorporate space systems into the event, playing alongside and interactively with air, ground and Naval systems.  MEIT also provides support in conducting systems engineering and analysis as well as managing and maintaining the Directed Energy Simulation Laboratory. 

MEIT began work on this contract in 2011, and the contract runs through August 2015. Our work has helped increase participation in the wargame from four weapon systems a few years ago to nearly 20 systems in ACE 2011. 

Prior to this contract, MEIT supported the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) contract with work that began in 2002.


DHEP Contract

Department of Defense (DoD) Human Exploration Payloads Contract

Services provided:

The company's first prime contract win was with the U.S. Air Force performing payload integration, integrating DoD experiments on the shuttle.  We are proud to still hold that work today, now known as the DHEP contract.

The DoD requires services and hardware to conduct research/fly payloads on NASA’s manned space vehicles, as well as other available space transportation systems, including the space shuttle, International Space Station, Automated Transfer Vehicle, Russian Launch Capabilities (i.e., Progress/Soyuz), the HII Transfer Vehicle, and any commercial launch capabilities in support of human spaceflight/exploration or other goals.

Specifically, MEI Technologies provides DHEP support to the U.S. Air Force. We help the USAF execute a series of processes to assure their DoD experiments meet NASA standards. Our tasks include hardware design reviews, quality control, astronaut/ground crew training, real-time flight following and many other activities. The contract began in July 2009.


HHPC Contract

Human Health and Performance Contract

Services provided:

Under the HHPC contract, MEIT supports the NASA-Johnson Space Center’s space and life sciences initiatives surrounding the health and productivity of crews living and working in space. Our engineers, scientists and technical personnel perform tasks ranging from biomedical research, operational space medicine and human factors engineering to space food laboratory operation, biomedical flight hardware production and payload and hardware integration with shuttle and the International Space Station, just to name a few. We have successfully worked on the Anthropometry and Biomechanics Facility, the Habitability Design Center and the Low Impact Docking System (LIDS) test.

MEIT's prime customer on the HHPC contract is Wyle Labs. The contract began in 2015.

Prior to this contract, MEIT supported the Bioastronautics contract with work that began in 2003.


ITAMS Contract

Information Technology and Multimedia Services Contract

Services provided:

Through the ITAMS contract, MEIT provides IT Security and Data Center Operations for NASA’s Johnson Space Center. MEIT supports IT security investigations and has developed a patent-pending security event management application developed to catch criminals and hackers. MEIT also manages over 600 institutional systems at the Center, from the enterprise firewalls that protect NASA’s data to complex engineering application systems used to design and analyze NASA spacecrafts.

Under this contract, MEIT is responsible for performing engineering tasks involving computer hardware and software. These tasks include system administration, account management, data backup and system performance monitoring, as well as the installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of all assigned software. MEIT also performs technical assessments, security testing, as well as develop and update JSC Information Technology Security Plans. Prior to the ITAMS contract, MEIT performed a majority of this work supporting the JETS contract, starting in 2004.


PD&I Contract

Program Development and Integration Contract

Services provided:

In 2015, MEIT began work on the Engineering, Professional and Administrative Support Services (EPASS) Task Order providing Advisory and Assistance Support (A&AS) to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) Program Development and Integration Directorate (XZ) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. 

Under this task order, MEIT provides engineering, information technology and programmatic support to the Air Force. Work is performed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, Eglin Air Force Base in Florida and Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts.


SETAC Contract

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Contract

Services provided:

SETAC supports the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT) and other Army and DoD organizations supported by the Command. It was created to ensure timely, energetic and cost-effective technologies for defense against evolving threats. It also strives to develop technology that maximizes benefits for strategic and theater missile defense and air/space technology programs, as well as to ensure all programs are in regulatory compliance.

Services provided under SETAC include engineering support, such as independent assessments, analyses, software verification, simulations and special studies associated with USASMDC/ARSTRAT missions.

As a subcontractor to System Studies and Simulation Inc. for SETAC, MEI Technologies helps plan, coordinate and accomplish tasks that support the warfighter. We prepare, review and analyze test requirements for multiple levels of aircraft-launched missile systems, perform on-site testing support to National Test Ranges, coordinate and approve Test and Evaluation Master Plans, and prepare and implement test/qualification/certification plans, test and test data analysis procedures. MEI Technologies was awarded the sub-contract in December 2007.


TEST Contract

Test Evaluation and Support Team Contract

Services provided:

The TEST contract is the follow-on to the TEC Contract.  TEST contract started May 2011 and MEIT is proud to continue to support NASA’s mission at the White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) in New Mexico. This contract provides materials and components testing, propulsion testing, and depot activities. Systems engineered include propellant and pressure, instrumentation, control and data collection systems. MEIT’s projects at WSTF encompass a broad range, including:

      Rocket engine and propulsion systems-related tests, which consist of altitude and ambient testing of liquid rocket engines and integrated propulsion systems using various types of propellants including (but not limited too) N2O4, MMH, LOX, Methane, and Hydrazine.

      Refurbishment, repair, and acceptance of testing of flight hardware for International Space Station Oxygen and Life Support System components.

      Testing and analysis of propellants or other hazardous fluids to define ignition and combustion properties

      Materials and components testing to determine compatibility with aerospace fluids to enhance safe use.

      Component testing to determine life cycle issues to include qualification and acceptance testing of flight hardware

      Testing low velocity and hypervelocity impact effects on spacecraft structures.

      WSTF infrastructure maintenance and upgrades


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