MEI Technologies contributes to TechAmerica Foundation’s CLOUD2 Commission recommendations

MEI Technologies, Inc. (MEIT) today announced its collaboration with the TechAmerica Foundation, industry and academia to develop recommendations for accelerating adoption of cloud technologies in the United States government.


Led by Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff and VCE Chairman and CEO Michael D. Capellas, the CLOUD2 Commission, composed of more than 70 thought leaders from industry, government and academia, provided recommendations and a Cloud First Buyer’s Guide for Government to the Obama Administration during a press conference in Washington, D.C., July 26.  MEIT joined VCE in Dallas in a satellite press conference to discuss the recommendations with local media. 


“Cloud computing and cyber security are strategic focus areas,” said Michael Van Chau, vice president of cyber strategy and development of MEI Technologies.  “I am proud to have worked with such a strong team of thought leaders to identify perceived and real barriers to cloud adoption, which led to developing the final set of recommendations for driving automation and increasing security in cloud infrastructures and addressing the workforce transition which should ultimately drive job growth and further position the U.S. for leadership in cloud computing.”


The CLOUD2 Commission was created in an effort to further the Obama Administrations’ Cloud First Policy.  Four key areas were the focus of the report with regard to the expansion of cloud computing growth and success: trust, transnational data flows, transparency and transformation. During the last several months, the commission conducted various interviews with CIOs and subject matter experts,  analyzed recent reports, and identified a set of recommendations for each area. 


MEIT supported the development of detailed inputs on the recommendations for trust (security and transparency) and transformation (workforce transition) including why the action is needed, how it should be implemented, who should implement it and what benefits should be expected. MEIT also supported efforts associated with the development of Cloud First Buyer’s Guide for Government.


For more information regarding the Commission and for a full list of CLOUD2 commissioners, visit: and


To obtain a copy of the report and review the Buyer’s Guide, visit


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